On May 8th, Rise-up arrives in Milan at TOM bar (Via moline delle armi, zone Colonne) to celebrate its first event. At TOM, we will be presenting 12 handmade snowboards made by 12 premier Italian artists. Each board revives the true spirit of snowboarding as envisioned by the artists.
Each snowboard will be sold during the event and all the profits will be donated to ASHIA.
PLP Snowboard, Makalu powsurf, Noseboards
Vanni VAPS, Elena Magenta, Vincenzo Russo, Giulio Pierannunzio, Truly design, Pulcemcg, Haero, Sees Ien, Danilo aka Nilo, Kamilla, Zolfo, Davide.
DJ Set:
Maybe the only snowboarder from Gran Sasso, DJ Kermo Dee-Jay
A heartfelt thanks to: Bianchi Srl, Bosky Optics, Pulce, 4snowboard, Landing snowboard, Itla, Tante mani and TOM.
We had a great collaboration with Variante Bunker. Our 3 artist had to paint 3 APE Piaggio.
Let's do something different!
Thank you to our Collective and Officegraffiti, Nista DPC and Solo!
#theriseup #riseupbunker
In August we went to Ladakh for the #muskanaproject at TCV (Tibetan Children Village's). 
Thank you for the support 24bottles and Mylinkvisionary.
For more information visit: theriseup.it - italian-amala.com/new/
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